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About Us


    Every Birthday Matters was founded in May 2012 by Amber Elrom in an effort to provide every child with the joy of celebrating their birthday.

Founder's Message

    As a Project Manager and mother of two young children planning birthday parties is a passion of mine . For my sons 4th Birthday, as usual, I carefully steered him towards the theme that I wanted, so he would think HE picked it ('s secret) and right away I started buying decorations and party supplies. One day when we were in the kitchen discussing his party he got so excited that his birthday was getting close. He started naming his friends who had just had birthdays and asked if he was having a birthday party like them. I assured him that he was. Then a look, that I can only describe as pure joy came across his face, and he declared "EVERYBODY needs a Birthday!" I smiled and said "Yeah buddy, everybody does need a birthday.".

    For the next few months I couldn't get his statement out of my head. I kept thinking about children whose families couldn't afford birthday parties or children who didn't even have a family to celebrate for them. This was my chance to take something I love to do and give that joyful feeling to children in all kinds of living situations. It wasn't long after sharing my idea for Every Birthday Matters that friends and family started asking what they can do to help and here we grow...

    Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. With your help we can celebrate birthdays for underprivileged children all over Suncoast Region because everyone "needs" to feel special and loved on their birthday.


                                                                                  Amber Elrom